We’ve reinvented the way swim lessons are taught and the way progress is tracked. Come discover just how much your child will grow in the pool — and out! We’re parents too, so we’ve seen that kids who learn to swim the right way gain confidence that positively impacts their entire life. It’s why we say Life’s BIG Moments Start Here™ at Big Blue.

“I can do it!”

Big Blue is more than a swim lesson. It’s a place where unsure kids become “I can do it” swimmers. Our unique teaching philosophy and patent-pending Lesson Buddy progress monitoring software make sure your child learns to swim the right way.

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Teachers who love to teach

Only the most passionate and dedicated people pass our rigorous screening program, then they must complete 100 hours of initial training and 200 hours of additional yearly training. You can be sure your child’s teacher is committed to using fun games to instantly adjust the lesson to your child’s learning style.

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The science of big moments

Our curriculum is built from the ground up, using audio, visual, and kinesthetic methods to make sure you swimmer “gets it.” Our Lesson Buddy software tracks your child’s progress and allows us to constantly tweak your individualized game plan for helping them succeed and have fun.

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Watch Their Rapid Progress

Small classes means more individual attention for your child. You can even track your child’s progress on your phone, tablet, or computer in real time.

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90-Degree Water Means No More Jittery Teeth

And no more blue lips! Our water is not only warm, it’s also some of the cleanest water your child will ever swim in.

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Donate a Swim Lesson

Formal swim lessons reduce the risk of drowning by 88%. Contribute to our charitable initiative with the Union League Boys and Girls Club to help a child in need learn to swim.

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