Your child will love learning from our highly trained team of dedicated teachers.

How We Teach

The Big Blue Way: All Big Blue teachers follow our proprietary curriculum that combines years of swimming knowledge, a scientific approach to learning, and whole lotta fun!

Science + Fun: Audio, visual, and kinesthetic teaching techniques are used in every skill of our step-by-step curriculum. Next, we turn every skill into a fun game or song that your child will love because the learning comes easy when kids are having fun.

BIG Moments: The end result is faster progress and more BIG moments for you and your child.


Your Child’s Teacher

Real Teachers: Our professional, adult teachers actually teach! What does that mean? Rather than simply reciting boring instruction, our teachers take time to adjust how they explain skills, when necessary, to ensure your little one understands.

Top-Notch Training: Your child’s teacher will have gone through over 100 hours of training on our proprietary curriculum.

Professionals: Unlike other lesson providers, at Big Blue, your child’s teacher is encouraged to pursue full-time employment and take advantage of our many benefits including health insurance. Our teachers are passionate about teaching because it’s their career.

Interested in joining our team? Learn more about careers here.

“All I can say is WOW! Big Blue is the best, hands-down. Just at his lesson last Sunday, I was in tears over the progress he has made in such a short time!” Colleen, Wilmette, IL

Teaching Philosophy

Fast Results

We love to teach swimming! And we love showing others how to swim even more. We’re all about getting results from effective, safe lessons while having a blast.

Comprehension is Key: That’s why we make sure every lesson is as productive as possible. We invented this proprietary approach to teaching and it gets results every time:

  • Explain: We loudly and clearly explain each skill with a fun, upbeat tone.
  • Demonstrate: As we speak we move our arms and legs to show how we want to move through the water.
  • Mimic: As we move we ask your child to imitate what they’re seeing so they can feel the right movements.
  • Correct: We always provide immediate, helpful feedback.

You can start creating your own BIG moments today!